The best school: Life, life & life

Art school, Sundsgården, 1 year. Art teacher, Umeå 3 years. Have through the years taken multiple courses in craftmanship, fine art (both 2 and 3 dimensional) and personal development. Today more interested in personal retreat.
Teach classes in both yoga and meditation. 
Certified colour therapist, Aura soma


Ganga Roslin Bladh

Beside being a teacher in fine art, the art have been following me my whole life. Nowadays the teacher part isn’t very active, it’s all about the art!

I live close to Tåkern, a place with a lot of birds, nature, light and peace. Here, on the countryside of Östergötland, I’ve happily spent my days since 2008. 

A lot of things have changed over the years…
The materials have been everything from Ceramics, water colour, experimental work with nature, acrylic, oil and mixed techniques. Today i’m re-exploring structures in clay and mix techniques for painting. 

The name changed as well. From Anette Roslin Haavimb to Ganga Rosling Bladh, but Ganga is the name I go under as an artist

The motives have varied in grate range. From the realistic garden and landscape motives, to the far more deep exploration of my own path, memories, realisations, frustrated irony that takes shape of both the everyday life and the mystical realm. My pieces tend to end up in a world with a subtle hint of a deeper presences. 

In later years, femininity as an elemental force, symbol, energy, and how the world perceives and treats it have captured me.  Humor and seriousness is often a part of my work, balancing on a line between each other. The same goes for sacred versus vulgar and beautiful against ugly. One part often needs the other, even if they not always appear in the same piece of art.

On later years I’ve been working a lot with Pussy Art, which have led to a lot of incredible collaborations, filled with humor, power and sisterhood!


Can be found at

Galleri OMKULTUR, Ödeshög, since 2016

Public assignments

Cyklisten,sculpture, “Eskils minne”,  västra Karups elementary school

Assignments of trust

Charitably donated time and illustrated a children's book that was a part of a UF book project.

The book was titled “noa längtar hem” and came second place in the final phase in the national competition. All profit was donated to Unicef




Kulturpris 2018
Stiftelsen Ingeborg och Folke Löfs Minnesfond

Fristaten STG 1761´s resestipendium 2006

Fristaten STG´s kulturstipendium 2006

Member of


OmKultur; Active artists in the area of Omberg

Helsingborgs konstförening

Fittkonst Sthlm

LUFTSLOTTET; network of artists in Vadstena


Jury-rated exhibitions

Väsby Konsthall 30×30
Edsviks Christmas salong
Vikingsbergs vårsalong, Multiple times
Akvarellsalongen Väsby Konsthall



Solo Exhibitions

Naturum Tåkern ”Natur – Väsen” 2012

Ängsbacka kursgård ”Kärleken till Livet”2008 och ”Inner walk”2009

 Galleri ROSEN, Båstad: ”Kärleken till livet” 2005, ”Bild&Poesi”2006, ”ORD&BILD”2007, ”Åsen-s…åsen”2008


Have also done exclusive hangings at

St Micael Ängelholm
Design&Art Helsingborg
St Thora Torekov
Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan Ängelholm. 


Collective Exhibitions

VÅRSALONG Södermalms Konsthall 2018

OMKULTUR 15 KONSTNÄRER, K-Ringen Motala 2017

TRE, galleri 67 gamla Stan Sthlm 2016, 2017

Konst På Stan, Helsingborg 2016

Fittkonst Sthlm, Galleri Draken Sthlm 2015

FittKonst Sthlm 2014 Femtopia Hornstull, Sthlm

Blänk, Naturum Tåkern 2012

Kulturhelg, Hästholmen 2012, 2013

OM-kultur, på Magnifiket, Linköping 2012

”Hårda små klappar” Röd Tornet, Vadstena 2011

Konst runt Omberg, konstrunda, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014,2017, 2018

Vadstena Konstrunda, 2018

OM-kultur, i Tranås konstförening 2010

OM-kultur, i Motala Dubergska gården 2010

”Kraftverk & Prinsessor”Kultur-Bryggeriet Veinge

”girighet” NorrePort Halmstad

”Arco Iris” Väsby Konsthall Stockholm

Hjärtats röst” galleri ROSEN Båstad

Art Wings Helsingborg